Finally, the book!…

Looking back on my experience of being sick with cancer and its treatments, I thought about how many people reacted to me in such surprising ways. Some disappeared, later sharing that they had felt so helpless and awkward.

I wondered if that had been the experience of others who had gone through the same thing, so I asked.

It was, and out of that, interviews were conducted and this book was born… What Should I Do, What Should I Say?

It seems that people want to know how best to help those with cancer and overcome their awkward feelings. This book is meant to help them and those they interact with.

After researching my options, I chose to become a publishing company and self-publish this book.

As I pondered publishing other works in the future, I realized how important life giving words are. We have lots of words in our lives.  I want to offer words that are helpful and meaningful.  Welcome to the conversation!

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One Response to “Finally, the book!…”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    What wonderful advice you give! Thoughtful, sensitive, respectful and caring, your words provide soothing comfort for cancer patients and their caregivers. An invaluable resource for those suffering from any major health crisis.